SV_Cover_Med_Brdr Star Valley Spring 2009 Soundscapes - Audio CD
60 min. Stereo Natural soundscape portraits by Richard Peet, Gordon Hempton, Paul Dickinson, David Michael, Greg O'Drobinak, Lilly Czarnecki, Dick Redman, Paul Gaudynski, Roger Time and Rob Danielson of the Kickapoo Valley Reserve near La Farge, Wisconsin. The topography of rocky bluffs, lush river bottomlands, nestled wetlands, rolling grasslands and secluded upland hollows creates some of the richest natural sound habitats in the Midwest. Spring populations are bulging with migrating birds from the Mississippi Flyway, amphibians, owls, beaver, muskrat, deer and coyotes. Captured during the annual, "Recordist Campout" May 14-17, 2009. Online ordering & payment with PayPal only. Checks and money orders accepted by mail: FieldPost S3897 Plum Run Road, La Farge, WI 54639. Add $3 for shipping up to 4 CD's.
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Spring 2009 Nature Recordists Compilation
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